You can reserve the brand new Stamparatus NOW!!!!!  Limited quanties are available in each reservation window, so don’t leave it too late – you can always change your mind later!

The first shipment can be ordered from now until 30 November 2017 – with expected delivery around 01 February 2018.  It’s £44 – but you don’t pay when you reserve it.  When the product arrives at the warehouse you’re reservation will be added to a shopping cart and you’ll be emailed to let you know that the order is ready to be finalised and paid for.

The second reservation period is 5 – 30 December, with delivery expected around 19 March 2018.

The third reservation period is 15 – 30 January 2018, with delivery expected around 15 April 2018.

Customers can only reserve 1 Stamparatus per reservation window.

To reserve your Stamparatus: just click the Stamparatus Reservation picture once you are on my SHOP page – EASY!

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